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AFTER END OF THE WORLD / Sled kraja na sveta - Bulgarian movie with subtitles in English, Russian, Spanish

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SUBTITLES IN :  English, Russian, Spanish . 
Regional settings : 0 / All / worldwide
Director: Ivan Nichev          Scriptwriter: Angel Vagenstein  
Director of Photography: Georgi Nikolov    Production design: Rositza Bakeva;  
Music: Stefan Dimitrov
Starring: Stefan Danailov, Katerina Didaskalou, Vassil Mihajlov, Georgi Kaloyanchev , Tatyana Lolova, Georgi Rusev, Nikola Rudarov, Vasil Vasilev - Zueka, Aleksandar Morfov, Djoko Rosic , etc.
ISBN: 3800223211231
Year of release: 1998
Runtime: 104 min. DVD video
Pal Color: 4:3
Sound: Stereo
Storyline: This is a funny and woeful story, resembling an old Jewish anecdote, aiming to wrap a comical framework around the dark side of life. At the time, the poorest neighborhood of Plovdiv (an ancient town in Bulgaria) represented a unique European recess, a realm of perfect ethnic harmony among Bulgarians, Armenians, Turks, Jews, Gypsies and Greeks. A priest, a rabbi and a hodjah and an Antichrist nicknamed the Boozer are smitten with the same full-bosomed Turkish woman. Along with their rivalry, squabbles and good fellowship a Jewish boy and an Armenian girl fall in love for the first time. The political winds of the era will blow away the idyll separating the 12-year-old lovers. After many years, the Jew and the Armenian woman meet again in a different world.
A plea for racial and religious tolerance that is both human and affecting.Nichev's internationally acclaimed film crosses between present days and the nostalgically remembered past.In the city of Plovdiv at the time early forties when countries various ethnic communities Orthodox,Jews and Muslems lived in harmony together.Here a Jewish academic revisits the town of his birth in 40 years.Generous is the tone of this film. Rigorously unsentimental this is a beautifully produced feature so magnificent crafted director's work undoubted the highlight of the new Bulgarian cinema. 

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