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EVERYTHING’S LOVE / Vsichko e lubov on DVD with subtitles in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish

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The film has been digitally remastered and issued for a first time with SUBTITLES IN :  English, Russian, German, French, Spanish. 
Regional settings : 0 / All / worldwide
Drama, Romance
Director: Borislav Sharaliev Scriptwriter: Boyan Papazov
Director of Photography: Stefan Trifonov ; Production design:  Georgi Ivanov ; Music: Vesselin Nikolov
Starring: Ivan Ivanov, Yanina Kasheva, Valcho Kamarashev, Ibish Orhanov, Iliya Raev, Maria Stefanova, Hristo Domuschiev, etc.
The film has been digitally restored and remastered.
ISBN: 3800223210197
Year of release: 1979
Runtime: 96 min. DVD
Pal color: 4:3
Sound: Stereo
A boy from a poor Sofia neighborhood - Rado who is orphan and has committed several petty crimes - is sent to a borstal, or, to put it otherwise becomes a juvenile prisoner. Unfortunately, however, he cannot reconcile his uncomplicated pride, sense of justice with the kind of education provided by people who are more often than not deprived of sensibility and human warmth. The order there is repulsive, the boy is seeking for freedom and often makes escapes. During one of the escapes he meets the love of his lifetime. Suddenly Rado falls in love with Benny, a student, the daughter of well educated and sophisticated family (at least, this is the first impression) and this intensify his desire for freedom and independence. Naturally, conflict is not slow to appear. The parents of Benny are panic-stricken when getting aware of the fact. They are resolved to separate the couple. Their parental love is sincere but the reality is phony and cruel. The boy's hopes are thwarted for good and vacuity reigns in the mind of the girl. Dead set on putting an end to the 'unequal' union, Benny's mother forces the girl to have an abortion. The fruit of a 'reckless' love is killed and the first genuinely powerful feelings between two young people betrayed. The makers of this dramatic and moving film (also remarkable for the superb performance of the actors) denounce the old-fashioned social prejudices and present lobe and faith in man as scared symbols, which everyone should treasure.

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