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DOOMED SOULS / Osadeni dushi DVD with subtitles in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish

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The film has been digitally remastered and issued for a first time with SUBTITLES IN :  English, Russian, German, French, Spanish 
Regional settings : 0 / All / worldwide
Drama, Romance, Historic
Vulo Radev’s film “DOOMED SOULS” is based on Dimitar Dimov’s novel of the same title.
Director: Vulo Radev ; Scriptwriter: Vulo Radev ; Director of Photography: Hristo Totev ; Production designer: K. Dhidrov ; Music: Mitko Shterev
Starring: Jan Englert   Edit Szalay   Roussi Chanev Mariana Dimitrova Valcho Kamarashev Silvija Rangelova   Dimitar Hadjiiski Svatopluk Matyas   Roman Gramadski   Louisa Topuzyan
ISBN: 3800223210623  
Year of release: 1975
The film has been digitally restored and remastered at audio Video Orpheus.
Runtime: 141 min. DVD
Pal color: 16:9
Sound: Stereo
This is an epic and dramatic film about the social tragedy of the Spanish Revolution. It is a screen version of one of the most popular novels by Dimitar Dimov (190 -1966). The action takes place during the Civil War in Spain. The accidental meeting of British noblewoman Fanny Horn with Father Eredia, a Jesuit monk, reverses their destinies. The attraction between them is very strong, yet the monk is fanatically devoted to his faith. Influenced by his religious strength, Fanny Horn follows him to a place where a typhus outbreak is raging. Pena Ronda is a camp for typhoid patients. The conditions are horrible, and the death is creeping around them. The shadows of the terminally ill move silently amid the rusty barbed-wire fences and the hospital shacks while on the outside the people of Spain are being drowned in blood. Against the background of this inferno, a passionate crime is committed. It is the work of English aristocrat Fanny who is in love with her victim-priest Eredia.

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