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We are offering traditional Balkan folklore instrument ethno drum, called Tapan. The tapan has an Arabic origin (in Turkey it is called Davul ).  Turkish brought it to Bulgaria back in 15th – 16th c. and spread it in Serbia, Macedonia (Tapan), Greece (Daul) as well.  It gains popularity very fast and become one of the major instruments in Balkan folklore music.

The instrument here is fully professional, hand made by the famous master of traditional folklore instruments Yordan Vasilev. Tapan has а frame of press wood; external hoops of beech wood; as well as metal hoops. These last together with cords provide strain the special skin. The skin used is of special plastic type, of best quality. This Tupan is of most common one - 20 inches. But you can also order an instrument of bigger measures: 16", 18" or 22" inches. You can choose the skin type, for its make can be used white color or transparent skin. Master is using high quality skin MAXTONE or EVANS. The instrument weights 5-6 kg, and it is quite big for transporting so its shipping costs is high.

We also offer a case for the drum, made of non-real leather that provides better storage and easy transport. If you buy the instrument together with the case, we can send you both at once and you will save on shipping costs. Thus the case will cost you only 48 Eu / 60 USD (shipping included).

If you’d like to buy tupan, please contact us in advance – it might be out of stock.

General information:  Tupan is most often an accompanying instrument used to mark the rhythm, but it can be played solo as well. The two heads of the drum are played with two beaters. The dominate hand plays the accented beats with the larger thicker beater, called a tokmak. The end of the tokmak may be wrapped in cloth to create a muted sound. The other hand holds the thinner switch and plays rapid rhythms. An accomplished drummer will get various sounds from different parts of the two heads, as well as wrapping the wooden body.

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