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ShopBulgaria offers you a traditional woodwind instrument Kaval, hand made by one of the best Bulgarian kaval master – Yordan Vassilev.  Instrument is of perfect make, intended for professional musicians. The instrument's quality is guaranteed, supported also by certificate that Shop Bulgaria ltd. and master have issued.

This BULGARIAN TRADITIONAL KAVAL INSTRUMENT is handmade by Yordam Vassilev - professional well known kaval player and master of traditional music instruments.

The kaval you see is made to order only - if you are interested in an item like that, please contact us in advance.
The instrument is in the key of A. It is made of Cornel tree(wooden material of very high quality).

Every instrument part bears master initials. For the joints is employed a special high quality plastic and metal rings. The instrument comes with with artificial leather case

Length: 85 cm/ 33,5 inches
The instrument is of perfect make and quality, excellent for professional musicians!

The kaval in A is rather long and hard to play by musicians whose arms are shorter than needed. In order to play the instrument more easily, the last holes of the instrument should be placed further right or left, depending on the hand used by the musician (whether it is left or right). The point is to have no difficulty whatsoever in closing the last hole of the kaval.


A - from A (La) in small to G (Sol) in third octave

About the master:
The name of our Kaval master is Yordan Vassilev. He is a professional kaval player among the most gifted musicians in south Bulgaria and is also known as a one of the best masters of Bulgarian traditional music instruments. All instruments on the picture we have provided are made by Yordan Vassilev.
He is born in 1945 in a family of musicians. He started playing bag pipe and kaval when he was a little child. 16 years old he made his first public appearance with an orchestra. Initially he took part in the ensemble of Sliven. Later in 1968, when the famous Philip Koutev school was founded he won the job contest and started as a Gaida and Kaval teacher, where he has been teaching some of the most famous and talented contemporary Bulgarian musicians. Meanwhile he also started making folklore instruments Kaval and Gaida under the guidance of the famous experienced old master Slavi Ivanov from the village of  Kameno. He made his first gadulka instrument as a student of Petko Denev - the most famous old Master from town of Gabrovo. The master skills and technique acquired were developed to perfection of making Bulgarian folklore instruments: gaida, kaval, all kind of traditional woodwind instruments, gadulka and tupan. He is a conductor of the Thracian orchestra more then 15 years now.

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