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This BULGARIAN TRADITIONAL KAVAL INSTRUMENT is handmade by one of the best masters in the country, Victor Terziyski. The material used for the make of the kaval is rare to find and can last for many years on end: much longer compared to the rest of wood material used. The master has engraved his initials (VT) as well as a mark for the tonality of the instrument. Certficate included.

C - from C (Do) in small to B (Si) in third octave 

Please, note that the instrument you see might not be available at the moment. That is why it is highly recommended to contact us in advance. Please, do so before you make an order.

Boxwood is considered the hardest wood that is used for the make of kaval instruments. It contributes a lot to the excellent acoustic qualities of the kaval, too. Such wood material is extremely rare to find. That is why the price of the instrument is higher and the instrument is made to special orders only. The material is of limited quantity, so donÂ’t miss your chance and order a kaval like that ASAP!
For the make of the instrument there has been also employed deer horn (for the mouth piece and joints).
Length: 71 cm/28 inches. The material is characterized by a beautiful wood pattern. The instrument is of perfect make and quality; it is excellent for professional musicians!

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