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BULGARIAN GADULKA / rebec of special make "Evtimia"

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We offer you a new modification of gadulka instrument that is to emphasize the qualities of this traditional Bulgarian instrument.  Its name is “Evtimia” and it has to do with a new approach towards traditional folklore instruments making and their meaning in Bulgarian music. The instrument is part of the series MAESTRO comprising few gadulkas: “Autumn Gold”, “Mother’s Pain” , “Spring Hope”, “Simona”, all designed for professional musicians and advanced amateurs. Master is Nikolay Stefanov – the best luthier in the country, specializing in folk instruments.
“Evtimia” is really special: the solid body of the instrument is made of highest quality white acacia that has dried for more than 20-30 years. The top plate is made of spruce, which is about 40 years old. Acacia and spruce are, in fact, the materials that are most suitable for the make of gadulka. The string holder is of natural buffalo horn and is supplied with fixing mechanism for more precise tuning.
The instrument is professional orchestra gadulka with three main and eleven resonant strings. It is made after old traditional technology that guarantees gadulka’s long lasting quality.  “Evtimia” can be described with its bright and strong sound in the middle and low register, and for this reminds of a human voice.
The main difference between “Evtimia” and the more common types of gadulka is the additional processing of the material: its coloring and varnishing, which result in a more enchanting and deeper voice, as well as a rich timbre that will develop even more as time goes by. The glue and varnish used are of natural origin only and the long life of the instrument is guaranteed. The bow is of more complicated make than common gadulkas: it has a flexible “frog” which can be fixed or loosen. With natural hairs.
The mensure and tones are as with classical, orchestra gadulka. The main strings are to be tuned in A-E-A.
The instrument was finished on January 20th 2011, and is dedicated to St. Evtmii Turnovski – Bulgarian saint and patriarch. That is why the letter “E” and a small cross are standing in the upper part of the top plate.
Evtimii was born in 1327 in Veliko Turnovo and comes from the noble boyar family Tsamblak. Deeply religious, he joined the monastic brotherhood of Theodosius in Kilifarevo Monastery in 1350. Evtimii progress in spiritual life. In 1363  went to Constantinople where he served in the famous monastery of Studion and is much honoured by the people. Later he went to Mount Athos, inthe monastery St. Athanasius of Athos and Zograph monastery.
He returned to Bulgaria in 1371 and founded the St. Trinity monastery.  Enriched with spiritual experience and knowledge, he took up the responsible task of editing Bulgarian liturgical books.  Finished this great work, in 1375he was elected Patriarch of Turnovo in a very difficult for Bulgaria moment - theTurks conquered the Balkans and the lands of Bulgarian state.  On July 17, 1393 the capital Tarnovo was conquered and Evtimiy had the spiritual strength and courage to stand before the conquerors protecting civilians. Because of his boldness, he was condamned to death. However, a miracle happened: the executioner swoop hands were numb and the sword fell to the ground.
In 1394 Evtimii was sent into exile in Bachkovo.

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