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BULGARIAN TAMBOURA of special old traditional make

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BECAUSE OF ITS SPECIAL MAKE INSTRUMENT WILL BE MADE ONLY BY ORDER. Don't hesitate to write if you are interested.

Professional, entirely handmade string instrument of highest quality. With beautiful flower decoration

This is a professional tamboura instrument handmade by the best Bulgarian string instruments master. The tamboura is of perfect make and is intended for professional musicians. The instrument is UNIQUE, entirely handcrafted. It is of a skillful craftsmanship resulting from master's hard work, creativity and rich professional experience. The wood material used is 15 years old, dried and processed via special traditional technology. The maker of the tamboura we offer you is known for his talent on a national and Balkan region level. He is a third-generation master: both his father and grand father were into the string instruments making. The instrument's quality is guaranteed with a certificate issued by Shop Bulgaria ltd. and the master himself.

We are pleased to offer you this very special tamboura instrument, that is to emphasize the qualities of this traditional Bulgarian instrument., an unique handcrafted work by our two masters Nikolay Stefanov and his father Christo.  This special make Tamboura keeps the standard instrument characteristics but it is improved with a corpus made of Mahogany that was build after the old technology of making traditional Greek buzuki instruments. That way the instrument received a bigger corpus and deeper resonator compared to the traitional ones. Despite the bigger corpus size the instrument is less heavy than usualy and has a beautiful deep sound, resonant in the high register. The top part is made of spruce tree.

The special tamboura is appropriate for a performance of  both kind of music traditional and classical.

The instrument was finished on the day of St. Konstantin and Elena and the flowers decoration represents the essence of this big Christian feast -day.
Another detail to mention is that we have included a certificate issued by ShopBulgaria and the masters.

Our professional string instrument for orchestra has the following characteristics:
 - the top part of the neck of the instrument is made of spruce tree; pegs for tightening the strings;  the same keys as the ones typical for the guitar.
 - neck base, made of Acacia
 - bigger resonant corpus consisting of thick top plate, made of spruce/ white pine tree/ and back, base part of mahagany, the block of wood hollowed out, not made of separate parts that have been glued together (skafto);
 - metal string holder at the bottom of the top plate.
 - 8 metal strings in 4 pairs , pitched in keys, most appropriate for orchestra performances - E, B, G, D (mi, si, sol, re) .
The strings are lifted over the resonant plate by a bridge, called "donkey".
The donkey is made of mahogany. The fingerboard is made of mahogany, too.

If you wish to have a case with the tamboura, we can offer you one, too. If you buy the instrument together with the case, we can send you both at once and you will safe from the shipping costs. Thus the case will cost you only 55 USD (shipping included).

Other instrument measures are standard for tamboura instrument:
Length  92,5 cm / 36,5 inches
Width  24,2 cm/9,5 inches
Corpus Measures:
Depth: 10 cm/4 inches
Length: 39 cm/15,4 inches
Mensure (the distance from the last three keys on the neck top to the bridge) - 61 cm / 24"
This tambura belongs to the so-called "Trakiya" type used mostly by the Thrace folk ensembles. There is also "Pirin" type tambura which is characterized by different measures.

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