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BULGARIAN TAMBOURA Evangelia Professional handmade instrument, special features

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This is a professional Tamboura instrument handmade by the best Bulgarian string instruments master. The tamboura is of perfect make and is intended for professional musicians. The instrument is UNIQUE, entirely handcrafted. It is of a skillful craftsmanship resulting from master's hard work, creativity and rich professional experience. The wood material used is 15 years old, dried and processed via special traditional technology. The maker of the tamboura we offer you is known for his talent on a national and Balkan region level. He is a third-generation master: both his father and grand father were into the string instruments making.
The instrument's quality is guaranteed with a certificate issued by Shop Bulgaria ltd. and the master himself.

This professional orchestra Tamboura is made of highest quality materials. That instrument was created for an International fair in Germany, displayed there for about week and returned in Bulgaria. The master finished it on the day of orthodox Annunciation and named this tamboura with the religious nam: Evangelia / Blagoveshtenie in Bulgarian.

Made of  the special dried walnut tree material for the corpus and bridge /"donkey". The keys are also of higher quality , made in Germany. The instrument is nicely decorated with tender purple flowers. 

Here are few more details :
- neck and the top part of the neck of the instrument is made of Acacia-tree; pegs for tightening the strings; the same keys as the ones typical for the guitar.
- corpus consisting of thick resonant top plate, made of spruce/ white pine tree/ and back, base part of walnut-tree wihch is a hollowed out block of wood, handmade after old traditional master technology (not made of separate parts that have been glued together "skafto").
- metal string holder at the bottom of the top plate.
- 8 metal strings in 4 pairs , pitched in keys, most appropriate for orchestra performances - E, B, G, D (mi, si, sol, re)

You can also pitch the instrument playing just as greek traditional bozouki in D-A-F-C /Re-La-Fa-Do   Please note that the tonality of the instrument can be changed by the master, by replacing some of the strings. If you need the instrument to be in a tonality different than the one of the listed instrument, please contact us in advance. Thus you will know whether the tonality you have in mind is obtainable.

- The strings are lifted over the resonant plate by a bridge called"donkey", made of walnut-tree.  

-  The fingerboard made of mahogany.

- The instrument comes with a certificate. The stamp is of the National Association of the Craftsmen.

You can choose the color of the instrument.

This tambura belongs to the so-called "Trakiya" type used mostly by the Thrace folk ensembles. There is also "Pirin" type tambura which is characterized by different measures.

Instrument measures:
Length 93 cm / 36,6"
Width 23 cm / 9"
Mensure (the distance from the last three keys on the neck top to the bridge) - 61 cm / 24"

If you wish to have a case with the tamboura, we can offer you one, too. If you buy the instrument together with the case, we can send you both at once and you will safe from the shipping costs. Thus the case will cost you only 45 Euro/ (shipping included).

About the masters: The string instruments we offer are made by two masters: a father and a son. Bai Christo Stefanov (the father) is one of three best and most popular masters of Bulgarian string instruments. Bai Christo ( bai- a form expressing respect put in front of a name), as they call him, is a 3rd generation musician and instrument master. Because of his indisputable craft skills Bai Christo produces instruments for most Bulgarian state and local orchestras and ensembles. A great part of the music schools also order his instruments. Bai Christo has a few Master Certificates from the Bulgarian Masters' society. Apart from that, he is also awarded with different honorary Diplomas and prizes from expositions. Several articles and books popularize his skills, knowledge and products, the instruments themselves
Nikolay Stefanov (the son) has learnt the skills of string instruments making from his father and has been a recognized master for 15 years now. Nikolay is known for his creative approach, desire to experiment and use innovative technologies. His greatest achievements are inventing the prototype of gadulka violin we were selling as well as a special technology of varnishing.
Both a musician and a master, Nikolay is constantly looking for new ways to add to his mastership. He has been constantly consulting university professors and professional musicians that assist him in finding how to make the best of the instruments he crafts.
By working shoulder to shoulder, Christo and Nikolay combine tradition and innovation. The result of their efforts will definitely please every professional musician.

More about the instrument of TAMBOURA / Pandore
General info: Tambura / Pandore is one of the most popular string instruments in the Balkan peninsula countries. It is widespread in the Southwest regions of Bulgaria - Pirin Mountain, the Rhodope Mountain and Thrace.

Construction: The corpus of the instrument is pear-shaped and consists of: most (bridge), a long thin neck, at the end of which there are placed the keys called tchivii or tchuckcheta. The strings (i.e. the vibrators) are fixed in a wooden or metal tailpiece, glued on the corpus, while at their other end they are fixed with the help of a small wooden board. They are stretched and tuned by means of wooden keys installed at the end of the neck. On the neck (finger board) of the tamboura, in older times the people used to place hemp positional boards. Later on they were made of wood and nowadays they are made of metal. Through the finger boards -  numbering from 12 to 18, the string, based on the principle of aliquot sections, is divided into portions, which determine the different intervals. The strings are usually made of thin iron wire. They are usually double 3 or 4 in number. The pandore strings are tuned in the following intervals: unison, quatro or quinto plus quinta in descending order. The bottom string and sometimes the string next to it are melodious, while all the rest of the strings are bourdonic, so that the tamboura can be also used as a polyphonic instrument. The 3 double stringed tamburas may also be pitched D, A, D.

Playing: When playing the Tamboura it is held horizontally and slightly touching the player,s chest, while the strings are struck with the plectrum (tezane) - made of cherry-tree bark.
PLAY a TAMBOURA sample (29 sec.)

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