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BULGARIAN GADULKA - rebec "Maestro" of special make with 4 strings

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This is a professional gadulka instrument handmade by the best Bulgarian string instruments master. The gadulka is of perfect make and is intended for professional musicians. The instrument is UNIQUE, entirely handcrafted. It is of a skillful craftsmanship resulting from master's hard work, creativity and rich professional experience. The wood material used is 15 years old, dried and processed via special traditional technology. The maker of the gadulka we offer you is known for his talent on a national and Balkan region level. He is a third-generation master: both his father and grand father were into the string instruments making.
The instrument's quality is guaranteed with a certificate issued by Shop Bulgaria ltd. and the master himself.

Made ONLY to custom order.

This instrument is the last of the "Maestro" series . It was made by order of Italian musician Mr. Marzio Zoffoli . This is a test 4-stringed instrument in quart-quint pitch : La-Mi-La-Re (Mi).
Such instrument was made about 50 years ago for the world known Philip Kutev's ensemble "Pirin". This was the soprano gadulka of the ensemble, made by Ivan Kacarov and played for long years by the chief Gadulka maestro.
This is the 2nd Gadulka of this type ever made in Bulgaria ( I guess in world too ;-).
The technologies of work, prime couch and coloring are based on the old master's recipes.
In the work process took part 5 masters, specialist on folk instruments. Among them the legendary master Ivan Kacarov who is 90 years old now and to whom we express special thanks for the help.
It is of standart sizes. All materials are naturals and the different glues used are also natural, made by old technology. Treated with the highest quality varnish.
Completes with special make bow, with natural horse hair.

Professional violin gadulka, intended for professional players! 

The gadulka we offer have the following characteristics: 

It has 3 main strings and 11 sympathetic ones.

It consists of:

 - neck and top part of the neck of the instrument is made of Acacia-tree
 - corpus consisting of thick resonant top plate, made of
mulberry tree and back, base part of melburry tree as well (the block of wood hollowed out, not made of separate parts that have been glued together (skafto)) Everything is handmade via old traditional master technology.
 - at the bottom is the black, horn-made plate to which the strings are attached
- 11 resonant metal strings ("podglasnici"). They are placed further down and the bow does not touch them . They only produce sound when affected by the sound vibration of the three main strings placed over them.
 - 3 main metal strings where the bow glides on. They are pitched in A-E-A (la-mi-la) - this is typical of Bulgarian Trakia Gadulka. The strings are lifted over the resonant plate by the bridge, called "donkey".  
 - a bow with sheaf of fibers
 - wooden key for easily pitching the different strings

- a certificate, stamped by the National Association of the Craftsmen.

The instrument measures are:
Length 65 cm / 25,6"
Width 20 cm / 7,9"
Mensure (the distance from the last three keys on the neck top to the bridge) - 36 cm / 14,2 "


More about the master :   The technology the master uses takes a lot of time and efforts and is rather primitive, but the results achieved are more than excellent. Nikolay Stefanov’s goal is to develop and improve the process of making traditional Bulgarian string instruments and contribute to preserving the originality of Bulgarian national spirit. 
Master Nikolay Stefanov was born in 1956 in the town of Gotse Delchev. Nikolay has been devoted to music since he was a 5-year old boy. He played the violin for 10 years, which helped him become well familiar with this instrument, too.
Both his father and grand father were musicians as well as masters of musical instruments. Now father and son are working together, shoulder by shoulder, and combine their efforts in making the beautiful instruments we offer you. But there are a lot more interesting things to mention about Nikolay Stefanov. He has graduated from Sofia University Saint Kliment of Ochrid with his major Chemistry. This helps Nikolay go even further in his efforts to make high-quality instruments. He learnt a lot about the gluing and varnishing practices, which gave him the opportunity to elaborate on those processes. His love of people’s art and crafts found its way in Nikolay’s second major: Bulgarian philology.
In the 1980s Nikolay started helping his father with the orders of string instruments he had to complete. He had helped him for 5 years, before he himself passed the exam that gives him the right to practice as a master of string instruments. Thus, he was officially acknowledged as master in 1990.Since then Nikolay Stefanov has been making Bulgarian string instruments: gadulkas and tambouras. His instruments are played by musicians of Trakiya ensemble, by students of the Music academy in Plovdiv as well as by a lot of foreign musicians from Europe, Japan and the USA. Nikolay's dream is to preserve Bulgarian people’s art and crafts, which are significant part of the European and world’s treasure.
We have provided Nikolay's certificates showing that he is a professional master of traditional folklore instruments.


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