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The chanter is cone-shaped, with 7 apertures on the front side and one at the back side. The chanter comes with due reed protective cap above and ruchilo extension. Buying chanter in D with ruchilo extension will give you the chance to have both djura gaida in G and djura gaida in D but there are some additional knowledges about reeds tuning needed.

Material used: cornel tree, solid plastic material and metal rings .

Length (without the reed above) : 29cm/11,4inches

Diameter of all hub openings (glavina) should be : 17mm
The drone / ruchilo extension is to be inserted between 1st and 2nd parts. The diameter of 1st part which is to be inserted into the extension part is: 14 mm.
NB! If the dimensions of your gaida are different , please write us in advance.

In case you don't want to have a ruchilo extension the price for chanter only will be less.

Djura gaida tone range:
- Djura gaida in G: starts from G’, G sharp, A, A sharp, B, B flat, C, C sharp, D, D sharp, E, E flat, F, F sharp, G, A”
- Djura in D: starting from D, D flat, E, F flat, F, G, G sharp, A, A sharp, B, B flat, C, C sharp, D”, E”
The half tones are produced by means of the regular finger holes + the so called flea hole (the aperture at the upper end of the drain pipe.
In the additional photo you can see two gaidanitsas for djura gaida: one in G, and the other in D.

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