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If you already have a Kaba gaida in E and want to play it in the key of D / re, the best way is to get an additional set of:
 - A chanter "Gaidunitsa" with reed in D :  31 cm / 12,2" long
 - and ruchilo extension.  The ruchilo in E consists of three parts. To obtain a D pitch, you will need to add one more (fourth) additional piece that is 5 cm long and must be placed between the 2nd and 3rd (last) part of the drone. In this case, the total ruchilo length will be 93 cm / 36,6" .

Items perfectly crafted by one of the two best masters in country - Manol Tashkov.  

Designed for professional players.

Additional information
The name of our Kaba Gaida master is Manol Tashkov. He has been making gaida instruments for more than 30 years now. He started playing the bag pipe when he was a little child. He took part in the famous ensembles in the village of Guella, the towns of Devin, Smolyan and Shiroka Luka. He worked for the Devin cultural activities club both as a musician and a gaida instructor. Manol Tashkov has been an inseparable part of the world known folk ensemble “100 Kaba Gaidi”.
He has been awarded a great number of prizes: 5 gold medals of Koprivshtitsa folklore festival (the most popular Bulgarian festival of recent times). Four of the medals were awarded for individual performances, and one- for a folk ensemble instructor. Mr. Tashkov was also honored with 2 silver medals from the Rozhen gathering, numberless certificates, badges and other prizes from both Bulgarian and foreign competitions.

The reason why Manol Tashkov is such a popular and respected gaida master is that he manages to preserve the authentic sound of Kaba Gaida. He avoids combining the way kaba and djura gaida sound. He insists on the purity of sound and specificity of Kaba Gaida, the voice of the Rhodope Mountain.


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